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Competition, Coaching and Community

Escalade Sportive Nouveau-Brunswick | New Brunswick Sport Climbing was founded and incorporated in 2022 as a non profit organization dedicated to sport climbing in NB. While the drive for the formation of this organization was a lack of governance for competitive sport climbing, we will be looking to the recent climbing survey results as we draft our mission statement and constitution to ensure that the organization exists in a capacity to meet the needs of the climbing community in all areas not currently covered by the mandate of Ascent NB.

We are a member of SportNB, and are working towards becoming a voting member of Climbing Escalade Canada as NB's official provincial sports organization. We currently work closely with CEC to ensure New Brunswick athletes have a pathway to CEC events, and are working on standardized coaching pathways through NCCP. 

Please consider purchasing a membership to help us grow and develop the climbing community in New Brunswick.


We are happy to hear from the community with input, ideas and inspiration as we continue to grow as an organization- send us a message from our contact page. 

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